There are many ways you can help!

You may donate by credit card or by check.
You may also donate cars, homes, stocks, bonds, and new
or gently used items.  If you need a tax deduction just call
and we can figure something out that will help everyone concerened. 

We always strive for, and only accept,
a Win-Win-Win situation!

United Charities
6069 S Fort Apache Rd 100
Las Vegas,  Nevada  89148

(702) 560-0230 Phone
(702) 951-5564 Fax

[email protected]

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Please click on the above link to donate by credit card.
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If you would like to donate by check you may call us with
your check information, fax a copy of your check, or email
the information to us.  Of course you can always put the check in the mail.

The Fine Print for Information, Donations,
Credit Cards and Checks: 

1.  Our Refund/Cancellation Policy
If you decide you want to cancel your donation
please call us immediately at (702) 560-0230
and we will be sure you are not charged if it is
before the cut off time used by our processors. 
If there has been a processing error please
contact us at [email protected]
Any other refund or donation cancellation
requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

2.  Our Privacy Policy is that we never share your
information with anyone, ever, for any reason. 
We do not keep your credit card
or check information on file. 
Your information is put into the Donate button for
the sole purpose of processing donations properly. 
If you enter information into the Contact Us form
on this website you are authorizing us to contact you. 
We will not use that information for any other purpose. 

3.  There are no Terms & Conditions
It is a Donation, not a sale. 
We have no products to sell to you. 
There are no Shipping & Handling charges or
Sales Tax because there are no products sold,
ONLY Donations accepted. 

4.  For Customer Service, Donations, or any other reason:  
Our phone number is:  (702) 560-0230
Our email is:   [email protected]

Thank you very much! 

United Charities
a non-profit corporation and
a charitable organization

United Charities